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Technology companies

Outsource Asia, LLC has partnered with over a dozen small to large, private and public, technology companies in supporting their in-house legal counsel with all aspects of patent and trademark management. By working with us, companies can save thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year in legal and administrative fees typically charged by law firms. For example, we assist patent attorneys, agents, and inventors with all administrative tasks related to their patent and trademark applications, including: filing new applications, information disclosure statements, assignments, communication and correspondences with the USPTO and foreign associates, monitoring the company’s dockets, and other duties as required.

Investment firms and holding companies

Certain business entities retain and manage a portfolio of assets, which themselves may own intellectual properties.  These patents and trademarks may have recurring tasks that need to be addressed in order to keep the cases active with the USPTO, such as paying maintenance fees for issued patents and responding to electronic communications for pending applications.  Our team can help manage the IP portfolios to keep them current, and we can also generate reports and landscape analysis so that managers can easily determine their statuses.

Solo practitioners, and small to medium size law firms

Our services are primarily tailored for the small to medium size firms due to our adaptability and significantly low pricing structure. We’ve helped numerous practitioners set up their new patent businesses from scratch, while giving them the cost advantage that is usually privileged to larger firms

No two law firms conduct business exactly the same way. For example, an attorney may be accustomed to a particular template design for responding to an Office action, or they may want to review each task prior to submission. By focusing on making our client’s transitioning to a new service provider as easy as possible, we are able to learn the particularities of each task specific to each attorney quickly, while minimizing or avoiding mistakes altogether.

Our patent assistants will assist attorneys and agents in all aspects of starting and operating an intellectual property (patent and trademark) practice, including: docket management, document preparation, time entries, expense reporting, client invoicing and billing, and general client communication.

Research universities and institutions

We partner with research colleges and universities to support their Transfer Department in working with a patent attorney or agent to get their inventions protected.  Universities that work with us can save thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year in legal and administrative fees typically charged by law firms.  For example, we can work with professors, undergraduate students, graduate students, the law firm handling their cases, or an attorney or agent on staff to file documents with the USPTO (including PCT), and we can provide docket and case management.

In addition, we can assist with patent and trademark prosecution with our registered practitioners, if there is a need.

Foreign counsels and associates

We partner with foreign counsels and associates from all over the world to file patent and trademark applications with the USPTO (direct foreign filing), or enter national phase in the United States from a PCT application (international filing).  Our rates are unbeatable by any law firm in the US, and our commitment to quality is second to none.


There are a wide variety of industries that need virtual assistance services. We help businesses, organizations, and individuals with marketing, customer service, payroll, scheduling, word processing, and sales-related activities, among other things. Having a virtual assistant (VA) allows you to focus your time and strength on the core tasks that directly impact the growth of your business. The best part of it is that VAs come at a fraction of the price of a full-time employee. Here are the top industries that we work with:


For startups, everything has just started. They have the day-to-day administrative tasks that need to be handled. VAs can really help by taking care of a variety of tasks, including, bookkeeping, social media, design, web creation, email management, marketing administration, and more. With a VA, the founder will save tons of time to focus on quality work.

Law firms

Law firms have to deal with a lot of paperwork and sometimes it occupies a good amount of their time. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks like analysis, legal transcription, calendar and email management, data entry, and client correspondence would be a smart idea to remove the burden of paperwork and make more money.

Accounting and financial firms

Record keeping, data entry, accounts payables and receivables, calendar management, and bank reconciliation are some of the tasks that might be a pain in the neck for accounting and financial firms. Instead of hiring an in-house assistant, they can save thousands of dollars by hiring a VA with a background in the finance sector.

IT firms

Virtual assistants are usually tech-savy. Therefore, technology firms can reap the benefits of using VAs for professional and customer technical support, as well as everything in between to focus on their core objectives.

Marketing firms

Digital marketing is becoming more and more important for any business. And a digital marketer plays an indispensable part in their growth. He/she handles

  • Facebook advertising,
  • Market analysis,
  • Blogging,
  • Finding photos for quotes,
  • Article editing,
  • And design.

Trainers and teachers

The pandemic has driven the needs of online classes among schools and universities. Unfortunately, this comes with the fact that there might be a lot of distractions during an online class.

A virtual assistant can manage online classes; prepare lesson plans and essential resources for the teacher; help and teach students how to use online learning platforms efficiently; interpret complicated knowledge and help solve  questions from the students, etc. In other words, a virtual assistant is “the second teacher”.


Blogging is the art of words and bloggers are those who create the art. A lot of times, they need to diversify the content. A virtual assistant can help them find different resources as needed. Furthermore, he/she can also assist with:

  • Editing the blogs,
  • Creating the blog graphics,
  • Optimizing the content, and
  • Managing social media.

Inevitably, full-time bloggers can benefit from a virtual assistant, can’t they?

Real estate agents and property managers

Buying and selling properties involve a lot of work, including securing home listings, helping buyers find a property that meet their needs, or staging open properties. Instead of handling all of these by themselves, real estate agents can outsource some tasks like:

  • Generating and filtering leads,
  • Scheduling and maintaining appointments and home viewings,
  • Handling social media accounts (this can include creating content, finding share-worthy articles, and responding to messages), and
  • Providing customer service.


Hiring a VA can help you improve your customer service as well as your daily operations.  As a restaurateur/hotel manager, your focus should be on providing exceptional experiences to your customers. A  VA can provide the support you need and allow you to stop worrying about back office tasks and enjoy running your business. A VA can assist you with:

  • Website design and maintenance,
  • Email and Booking management,
  • Social media management,
  • Tabletop marketing materials design,
  • Search engine optimization (SEO),
  • Customer support,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Inventory management.