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Administrative Support Services

Data Entry:

  • Entering, editing, and periodically updating data within your database;
  • Preparing or extracting specific reports;
  • Uniting data of two or more spreadsheets;
  • Creating new spreadsheets in the database;
  • Reorganizing spreadsheet structure; and
  • Providing specific support upon request.

Web and Market Research

  • Conducting web and market research;
  • Requesting, collecting, comparing and analyzing offers;
  • Following specific set criteria, budget and requirements;
  • Recommending the best price-to-quality ratio;
  • Preparing a reports; and
  • Consulting on market trends.

Archiving Documents

  • Keeping archives up to date;
  • Archiving documents;
  • Inserting data for business documentation in a register;
  • Updating the register of documentation daily with every new file received; and
  • Organizing files in a specified order in specific folders.