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Bookkeeping Services
Bank Reconciliations
  • Retrieving bank account and credit card statements;
  • Updating QuickBooks regularly;
  • Reconciling balances against statements;
  • Monitoring cash flow; and
  • Notifying of potential fund shortages.
Account Payable
  • Entering and archiving vendor bills; and
  • Paying vendors.
Account Receivable
  • Creating, delivering, and archiving customer invoices;
  • Monitoring payments and applying to correct invoices;
  • Generating customer balance summaries; and
Sales Tax Filings and Payments
  • Creating items with appropriate sales tax rate;
  • Running sales tax reports using QuickBooks; and
  • Paying sales taxes to state-tax agencies.
Payroll Services
  • Collecting time-sheets from employees;
  • Entering time-sheets in QuickBooks;
  • Processing payrolls;
  • Filing and paying payroll taxes; and
  • Filing W-2 and 1099 reports.
Bookkeeping Reports
  • Profit and loss (P&L);
  • Balance sheet;
  • AP aging;
  • AR aging; and
  • Reconciliation.